Do you feel like your life is a series of shattered dreams? Have you bought into the lie that you’ll never amount to anything? In Think Big, Dr. Ben Carson is here to tell you some good news: none of that is true.

By learning to think big, Ben rose from his humble beginnings to create a life full of amazing accomplishments and international renown. He climbed from the academic bottom of his fifth-grade class to become–at age thirty-three–head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He learned that he had potential, but more importantly, he learned how to unleash it–and you can too. If you put the principles in this book in motion, you can transform your life into one you’ll love.

As Dr. Carson teaches you how to unlock your own potential, you’ll also learn:

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive community
  • How to look for God’s gifts in your daily life
  • The key to shifting your perspective and thinking big

Your life is big–far bigger than you’ve ever imagined. Inside these pages lie the keys to recognizing your full potential. If you’re ready to build a life that is rewarding, significant, and abundantly fruitful, let Think Big be your guide.

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