Dr. Ben Carson is known as the originator of groundbreaking surgical procedures and a doctor who turns impossible hopes into joyous realities. But where does this incredible drive and focus come from? According to Dr. Carson himself, the answer is simple: The Big Picture.

Every day when Dr. Carson went to work as a surgeon, he had to make life-and-death decisions. For that reason, and because so many of the people and families he worked with had suddenly been forced to reconsider what’s really important in life, he’s spent a lot of his own time searching for perspective.

By finding a vision of something truly worth living for–something that shines a light on the best of his amazing talents, energy, and focus–Dr. Carson can discern what matters and leave the rest behind.

In The Big Picture, Dr. Carson sheds light on this life-changing philosophy, giving you the tools and encouragement you need to:

  • View hardship as an advantage
  • Determine what really matters
  • See your life from a new perspective

The Big Picture is all about broadening your perspectives and finding a vision for your own life that can reframe your priorities, energize your efforts, and inspire you to change the world around you. Are you ready to see The Big Picture?

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