Learn the strategies for taking complete control of your time and using it to get more done, increasing productivity and income exponentially.

One of the world’s premier business consultants and personal success experts, Brian Tracy has devoted more than 25 years to studying the most powerful time management practices used by the most successful people in every arena. Now, Tracy reveals his comprehensive system designed to help you grow your productivity and income in just a few weeks

In Time Power, you will learn how to:

  • gain two more productive hours each day
  • make better, faster decisions
  • set clear goals and focus on higher-value activities
  • manage multitask jobs more efficiently
  • overcome the people problems that can sap their time
  • use the five tools and techniques that will make them more productive, and much more!

Overflowing with quick and effective time-saving strategies, Time Power lets you in on the secrets to being more productive, earning more money, and getting more satisfaction from life.

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