The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood. Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he is designed by God to fulfill the role of father in the lives of those around him. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God.
This book provides key principles and insights that will teach you how to be a father in your personal sphere of influence. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe explains how a man can become source, nourisher, sustainer, protector, teacher, discipler, leader, head, caring one, and developer. The Fatherhood Principle provides practical guidelines for fulfilling your God-given fatherhood role by showing you… 

  • How to be the foundation of your family
  • How to be strong even in the storms of life
  • How to meet the needs of women
  • How to develop the potential and gifts of children
  • How to find your life’s vision
  • Five vital purposes of the male

 Discover God’s original blueprint for men and step into your true purpose in life.

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