“For the great God who called me has given me, also, a glimpse of His glory.” — Kathryn Kuhlman

Kathryn Kuhlman introduced the Holy Spirit to a generation who knew Him not. Thousands were born again and healed by the power of God during her miracle services. While most people knew Kathryn Kuhlman only as a woman of miracles, her most lasting contribution to the kingdom is her teaching. Her daily radio broadcasts were gems of truth and wit. This book captures Kathryn’s spoken wisdom while also telling stories of the miracle healings she witnessed.

Hundreds of thousands bought her only authorized biography, Daughter of Destiny, to know her better. Then before she died in 1976 she told her biographer, Jamie Buckingham, “Tell it all.” He realized that what she taught was even more important than what she did. That realization birthed A Glimpse Into Glory.

The short chapters that compose A Glimpse Into Glory—carefully transcribed and edited from Kathryn’s radio teachings—represent some of the best messages she preached around the nation. Several are unpublished statements she gave to various magazines and newspapers, taken verbatim from interview tapes.

What she had to say gives us not only insight into a woman God used as a prophetic leader, but also provides something far more important: glimpses into His glory.

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