From Kathryn Kuhlman’s heart to yours, eleven messages to stir you and encourage you.

For many years, Kathryn Kuhlman spoke to millions of radio listeners, opening her heart to them and sharing her experiences to help them learn the ways of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. She shared both good times and bad times with them, as well as crying times and shouting times. Thousands of listeners wrote to her and told her how much their experiences were like hers and how much her talks helped them. Out of the many talks she gave, we have chosen eleven of her best and most helpful—talks filled with her steadfast belief that “no Christian ever needs to be defeated.”

Kathyrn Kuhlman once said that Christian character isn’t made on the mountaintop; it’s made in the valley. In these messages she leads you through the valley to the mountaintop as she shares with you the wisdom she gained in her many years of walking with God. You will want to read them again and again and share them with others. We have kept this book small, so you can carry it with you and read it often. It is a book you can give to friends in order to comfort them in the same way it brings comfort to you. We know Ms. Kuhlman would be pleased with that.

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