Every sincere seeker of the Lord can have God encounters!

Journey with James and Michal Ann Goll as they share how they discovered a lifestyle of God encounters.

You will enjoy a new depth of fellowship with God as you find yourself enjoying a new and refreshing intimacy with your Lord; an intimacy that brings the most powerful deliverance and healing in your life.

You will see how God’s tangible presence will:

  • Free you from guilt
  • Free you from bitterness and fear
  • Heal you from pain of the past
  • Open your heart to hear and respond to God like never before.

Jim and Michal Ann Goll are seasoned prophets, recognized internationally for their work. Their exhaustive research on this topic, endlessly backed up by Scripture, is evident throughout this book.
God Encounters
 is an excellent primer on how to move into deeper realms of the prophetic and supernatural as well how to reap the benefits of God encounters.

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