Over two Millennia ago, a Man was introduced into human history in a most unusual way and it became impossible for humanity to recover from the impact registered by Him on the sands of time and eternity. Great men and women came both before and after Him, but as suddenly as they came, so suddenly also did they disappear. But there is a Man who lived for only thirty three and half years whose works spans eternity.
He is the fulcrum of human history. History rotates around Him – hence events that predated His birth are dated, B.C (before Christ). And events that happened beyond His birth are dated, A.D (Anno Domini – in the year of our Lord). To remove Him from human history therefore is to scatter human history. All dates lose meaning and history loses reference if He were to be moved from the scene. He is the wisest man wisest man to walk on the face of the earth and the champion of every human endeavor. He is the reason why mankind is alive.
This book from the stable of Dr. Paul Enenche unveils the identity of this Man and how he affects Humanity.

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